Shadow IT are you at risk?

Cloud services - SaaS and IaaS - are everywhere. Businesses rely on their flexibility and the productivity they deliver.

But what about the cloud services you don’t see? Business-led cloud services, or "Shadow IT", have sprung up in dozens of departments and project teams. In every corner of the business and outside the control of IT.

Make no mistake, the workforce relies on Shadow IT as much as it does the services provided by IT. Possibly even more so.

But it also means risk. Shared sensitive and commercial data. Undetected insider threats. Unchecked malware. Lack of compliance with privacy regulations.

What if you can have the best of both worlds? Best of breed productivity and security controls that guard data everywhere? Learn more by downloading our infographic below:



Here, there and everywhere. Cloud services are in use in every part of your enterprise. Whether it’s IT-led or not.

The 2018 Netskope Cloud Security Report found the typical enterprise uses more than 1,000 cloud services, of which 95 per cent are not enterprise-ready. But blocking these isn't the answer.

Shadow IT is typically being used by dozens of project teams to get work done. To foster productivity IT teams need to understand what services are being used and the risk they pose.

What if you can have the best of both worlds? Best of breed productivity and collaboration tools as well as security and privacy controls that safeguard individuals and data.

Get full visibility of cloud services and protect all your data.

To find out how Our Cloud Risk Assessment puts you on the path to a 360 view of your business’s cloud presence across both your Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Applications. Complete the form below

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